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H2ome Improvement: Low-Flow Toilet Rebate Application


  1. 1. Rebate Program Guidelines
  2. 2. Participant Information
  3. 3. Rebate Program Terms
  • Rebate Program Guidelines

    1. Rebate Program Guidelines
      • Participant must currently own and have a City of Allen water utility account in good standing for the property where installation of qualifying item is to occur. This program is for residents only; tenant and commercial requests are not eligible.
      • Toilets must be 1.28 gallons or less. Proof must be submitted with application. (Look for the WaterSense label.)
      • Applications must be received within one year of purchase of eligible water conserving item. Rebates are processed in the order received and are first come, first served. Incomplete applications will not be processed until they are complete. All rebates are subject to the availability of funds. Please check to ensure funds are available for your rebate.
      • City of Allen does not require a plumbing permit to replace an existing toilet. The toilet rebate amount will be $50. Limit three toilets for the lifetime of a residence. 
      • No participant shall receive more than $500 in one year from the City of Allen rebate program for any combination of eligible items.
      • Old toilets that are replaced must be disposed of by making an appointment for Community Services to collect them (214.509.4551).
    2. Rebate Program Instructions*

      Select, purchase and install toilet with a maximum of 1.28 gallons per flush. Submit your rebate application online or by mail with requested copies enclosed. Originals of all copies must be present should an onsite verification occur. If original receipts are not provided or installation of device cannot be verified, the request for rebate will be denied.

      As part of the application process, your old toilet must be properly disposed of by Community Services. Make an appointment by calling 214.509.4551.

      Be sure to enclose or attach the following with your application: