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Request City of Allen participation in non-profit donation drives

  1. The City of Allen may provide support to non-profit organizations who are hosting a donation drive.

    This support may include hosting temporary donation drop-off site(s) on City property and sharing about drop-off sites on official City of Allen communication channels.

    Submissions will be reviewed and may be shared across multiple City teams to determine which departments might best fulfill the submitting organization’s needs.

    Submission is not open to business promotional events, fundraising, membership solicitation events and similar activities.

    Approval of submissions is determined by the above criteria and is at the discretion of the City.

    Requests made with less than 30 days of advance notice may not be accommodated.

    Questions regarding this process should be directed to the City of Allen Public and Media Relations Office at

  2. (For questions about posting.)

  3. (Descriptions should be limited to three (3) sentences or less and should only include factual information without promotional or influential comments, i.e. "the biggest event this year, don't miss it!")
  4. (Children's toys, clothing, food, etc.)

  5. (Please include contact information to be posted publicly on the City's website/social media/etc. such as email or phone number.)

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