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Office of the Mayor Request

  1. Criteria and Instructions

    To request a proclamation, special recognition or letter, please submit this form at least 30 days prior to the desired date of issuance.

    Proclamations, special recognitions and letters issued by the Office of the Mayor are an opportunity for the mayor to recognize exceptional events and people in Allen. These are issued for civic celebrations, organizations and individuals celebrating significant events or contributions to society. 

    • Letter: A letter of greeting/congratulations for souvenir booklets; conferences and seminars of a 50th or greater anniversary; birthdays over age 90; or family reunions held in Allen
    • Proclamation: A formal declaration of a day/week/month to honor a special event
    • Special Recognition: A formal document that extends recognition to a person or organization for an accomplishment or contribution to show appreciation for outstanding citizenry in Allen

    The City Secretary is responsible for the preparation of all honorariums on behalf of the mayor and councilmembers. Specific criteria for the issuance of documents has been established and the City Secretary will assess what type of honorarium, if any, can be issued. Preparation of certificates may be limited, as mass distribution leads to loss of the documents' significance.

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