Gallery Display and Community Board Policy

Philosophy on Public Displays

Displays in the Gallery and on the Community Board are intended to enhance the community's cultural, information and lifelong learning needs.  The Library Director or designees give approval to display and exhibit or post information as space permits.  Priority is given to Allen Public Library, City of Allen, Allen community groups, Allen residents and local educational and non-profit organizations.  Advertisements or promotional materials from for-profit business and individuals are not permitted.

Liability and Legal Responsibility

All reasonable precaution will be taken to protect items from theft and damage; however, the Library assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to exhibit materials.  The exhibitor is liable for any costs due to loss or damage to an exhibit.  Delivery and pickup of all items are the responsibility of the exhibitor.  The Library is unable to store items not picked up by the exhibitor.  Items left in the Gallery past their exhibition time will be discarded.

The Library reserves the right to reassign, remove or cancel display in the gallery or signs posted on the community board without prior notice.

Procedures and Loan Agreement

Detailed procedures for Gallery displays and the community board are outlined in Appendix E.
Gallery display case exhibitors must read and sign the Display Case Loan Agreement (Appendix G).

Printable version of the Gallery Display and Community Board Policy.