Smart Water Meters

Allen water customers can register on WaterSmart to enjoy perks such as hourly water use data, automatic leak alerts and bill estimates - all you need is your account ID and zip code!

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Smart meter benefits

Smart water meters provide additional insight and control over customers' monthly water bills. They have also been identified as one of the State of Texas Best Management Practices for residential water conservation. Here are just a few of the perks:

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Track your own use

Smart meters help you understand how much water you use and when you use it.

This helps eliminate surprises and even allows customers to estimate monthly bills.

Frequent meter readings allow for reliable monthly billing increments set for an average of every 30 days – a feature Allen residents specifically requested.

Shaded icon representing water dripping from a faucetStop wasting water

Use detailed, hourly data to identify unexpected water use, such as incorrectly programmed sprinkler systems or a running toilet.

Get leak alerts when you use a very large amount of water at once, or small amounts of water over a continuous period.

Use video tutorials to help fix common leaks and avoid unnecessary calls to a plumber.

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Save now and later

Track data over time to understand how simple changes to your water use habits can have a big impact on your monthly bill.

Benefit from more efficient processes leading to reduced City service costs over time. 

Help delay the need for costly water infrastructure projects by contributing to reduced citywide water use.

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