Smart Water Meters

In 2020, the City of Allen began planning for citywide installation of Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI), commonly known as "smart" water meters. AMI will offer Allen water customers several benefits, such as added insight and more control over their water consumption and increased confidence in the accuracy of water bills.

Customer Benefits

Advance Metering Infrastructure provides several service improvements to Allen utility customers: 

  • Meter readings are registered every hour, instead of the current frequency of once per month 
  • Readings are sent from customer meters to data collectors four times per day, conserving transmitter batteries to attain a 20- year lifespan 
  • Billing intervals will be set to equal lengths 
  • A customer portal allows water customers to view water use patterns and modify behavior, leading to greater water conservation 
  • The system proactively reports leaks past the water meter to the City staff and citizens that register on the customer portal 

In addition, the City will benefit from staffing efficiencies as a result of automatic, digital readings once meters are installed citywide.  

Project status

The citywide transition to smart water meters will begin in Fall 2022. Allen City Council unanimously approved the associated contracts during the December 14, 2021 council meeting.

Following an extensive bid process, the City of Allen selected vendor Aclara to perform the installation of approximately 32,000 meters and associated infrastructure, including integration into the City’s chosen customer service portal, called WaterSmart.

Meter installations will begin mid-Fall 2022 and reach a pace of 2,000-3,000 meters per month, with completion anticipated by December 2023. Customer letters, door hanger notifications, and a large public information campaign will accompany the rollout of new meters.

Project history

Investing in AMI has been a strategic priority of Allen City Council for several years. On Nov. 10, 2020, the council approved spending $821,708 to move forward with the planning process. View details or watch the full Council presentation.

On December 14, 2021, Allen City Council unanimously approved a series of contracts to begin AMI installing during the summer of 2022. View details in the council agenda packet (beginning on page 230) or watch the full Council presentation.