Wild Animals

Allen is home to many wild animals. Unless animals are sick, injured or unusually aggressive, Allen Animal Services does not intervene with animals roaming their natural habitats.

Bobcats and coyotes

Bobcats, coyotes and other urban wildlife are present throughout North Texas, including here in Allen. However, seeing these animals in your neighborhood can be unnerving. Read on for the top questions about urban wildlife, including ways to protect your pets and educate your family.


Baby animals

Just because you see a baby animal by itself doesn’t mean it’s been abandoned. Usually the mother is watching from a safe distance. Avoid touching or disturbing baby animals and the mother will usually return within hours.

If the animal is in a dangerous place, such as trapped in a storm drain, call Animal Services at 214.509.4378.

Small animals

Skunks and raccoons are carriers of rabies. If they appear sick, staggering or acting in a peculiar manner, call Animal Services at 214.509.4378 immediately.

Rabbits, squirrels and armadillos are not carriers of rabies and do not pose a threat to pets. However, wild animals do not make good pets. Don’t capture or attempt to domesticate wild animals.