Engage Allen: 2023 Bond

On Nov. 7, 2023, voters approved four propositions to repair streets, enhance police facilities, revitalize downtown, and make improvements to Ford Park by issuing General Obligation (GO) bonds totaling $155,000,000, with no projected increase to the City tax rate.

The official combined Early Voting and Election Day results are published at CityofAllen.org/Elections.

2023 Bond Election Results

PropositionVoted ForVoted Against
Street Repairs and Improvements
Proposition A: $47M
Ford Park Improvements
Proposition B: $17M
Public Art
Proposition C: $1.5M
Downtown Revitalization
Proposition D: $8M
Police Headquarters and Dispatch Center
Proposition E: $83M

2023 Bond Projects with Approved Funding

Street Repairs and Improvements: $47 million

Proposition A provides funding for improvement and maintenance of streets, thoroughfares, alleys, sidewalks, bridges and other public ways. Projects included as part of this proposition may include, but are not limited to:

  • Existing street repairs: $18,550,000
  • Neighborhood repairs: $9,750,000
  • Street capacity: $13,300,000
  • Sidewalk/streetlight gaps: $2,670,000
  • Traffic signal improvements: $730,000
  • Traffic safety/ADA improvements: $2,000,000

Ford Park Improvements: $17 million

Proposition B provides funding for improvements to Ford Park, including installation and development of athletic fields and sports courts.

Downtown Revitalization: $8 million

Proposition D provides funding for improvements to streets and mobility infrastructure in downtown Allen, including land acquisition for the purpose of recreational development. Projects included as part of this bond proposition may include, but are not limited to:  

  • Downtown land acquisition: $5,000,000
  • Downtown bike and pedestrian path development: $3,000,000

Police Headquarters and Emergency Dispatch Center: $83 million

Proposition E provides funding for improvements to police facilities, including a new police headquarters facility and emergency dispatch office.