Sewer Cleanouts

Any property built in Allen after 1997 is equipped with a sewer cleanout. This pipe, placed into a sewer line, provides a ground-level opening to connect City sewer lines to private property. Cleanouts are typically installed at the edge of the easement or property line, or in close proximity of the home's foundation.

The Homeowner's Responsibility
Property owners are responsible for maintaining their service line (private sewer) from the property line (including the cleanout) to the home. The City is responsible for maintaining the sewer line from the property line to the main sewer line. Sewer cleanouts allow easy access to the City’s main line or the property's service line. Installing cleanouts at the edge of easements or property lines is standard practice and allows workers to fix stoppages without entering private homes.

Contact Us for Installation
If your property does not have a sewer cleanout, the City of Allen will install one at the front of the property line for $100. This payment covers installation and future cleaning performed by the Sewer Department. To request a cleanout, complete the Authorization for Installation form, attach payment in the form of a check or money order and submit to the Community Services Department at City Hall (305 Century Parkway). If paying by credit card, please visit the Utility Billing Department on the first floor of City Hall. For any questions, contact Community Services at 214.509.3100.