Wastewater Maintenance

The wastewater collection system is designed to carry wastewater through the City’s sewer lines. A vast network of underground sewers, force mains and pumping stations transports wastewater from Allen homes and businesses to North Texas Municipal Water District’s (NTMWD) main sewer lines. The wastewater is treated at NTMWD's plant near Lucas.

The Sewer Division employs nine crews to operate and maintain over 358 miles of pipes and six lift stations. They also manage the City’s preventive maintenance program as it relates to the sewer collection system.

Inflow & Infiltration

Broken sewer lines and manholes can allow unwanted groundwater to enter the system. Water from roof downspouts or illegal sump pumps can also overburden the sewer system, especially during heavy rains. This additional water volume, called inflow and infiltration, can cause sewer overflows. Illegal sump pump connections should be reported to Code Compliance Division.