Textbook Resources


AbeBooks is known for more than just textbooks.  Many of the books found on this site come from third parties, so students can search the site for books with free shipping.


This site only sells textbooks -- no rentals.  Affordabook has partnered with 20 other sites to help find the lowest prices, whether for a textbook or a novel.  You can enter multiple ISBN's at once to speed up the search process.


Buy brand new books on Amazon, or search for the best prices on used books.  Amazon rents books now, too.  Once the semester is over and you're finished with the book, simply ship it back to Amazon -- the postage is already paid.


BigWords lests you compare online texbook stores to find the best prices.  It lists prices with shipping costs separately, so you can compare.  While the site scours for new and used books and rentals, BigWords also seeks out coupons and promotions.


BookByte is a simpler textbook buying and selling service.  The Guaranteed Buyback service is appealing because at the end of the term you are not obliged to return the book.  You can sell your book back to BookByte for a lower purchase price and a 10% rebate when you return the textbook.  Also, if your Buaranteed Buyback order totals over $49, your shipping is free.


A comprehensive price comparison engine.  Search for books by title, author or ISBN.  Filters let you search for new, used, and even out-of-print titles.  The site displays book prices alongside shipping charges, making it easy to compare prices.


BookRenter teams with local bookstores so students can take advantage of in-store pickup.  Same goes for drop-off, when it's time to return.  The company offers five rantal periods, from 5-120 days, with an option to extend your rental.

Campus Books

This book rental site comes with its own smartphone apps.  Campus Books also offers in-store pickup of books along with a very handy local search feature.  The iPhone and Android apps use GPS to locate one near you.  Campus Books also searched a catalog of 8 million books for the best deals available.  If you want to rent textbooks, use the rental comparison engine  which compared results from ten book rental companies at once.


CampusBookRentals only provides books rentals and includes free shipping both ways.  There is a thirty-day return period after completing a course, or if you wish to keep the book, you can opt to purchase it instead.


Chegg sells new and used books, but their main focus is the rental market.  The company offers a 21-day satisfaction guarantee, so if you drop a class, you can send the book back, minus the postage.

Direct Textbook

Using Direct textbook to hunt for a new or used textbook is a three step process.  Simply search for a book, browse through the search results, and then visit any of the 200 stores the site taps to buy or rent your textbook.  If you are planning to sell your used textbook, the site lets you check the best buyback price at more than 25 stores.


You can sell and ship your used textbooks for free via the buyback program.  Most of it goes back into the textbook rental program on eCampus.  You can also choose to buy a book at a low-cost.  Some books also have digital copies (eTextbooks) which again come in two versions -- an online version and an offline viewing version.  When it comes to returning your rented textbooks, shipping is free for all orders over $59 and rental return shipping is always free.


Half.com breaks your purchase options into categories:  brand new, like new, good and acceptable.  There isn't a significant difference in price between the categories.  You can view shipping costs and estimated delivery times.  Half.com also offers a textbook rental service for the semester or the option to sell books back.